How it all began…

Sidi is my little dachshund. Due to his short legs he is always very close to the ground and feels cold quickly. When he had a slipped disc at the age of six we were told to always make sure to keep his back warm on cold days. Thus, I began searching for the best protection against coldness. As Sidi didn´t like wearing the usual products and moved like a robot when wearing them, I started knitting loads of pullovers for him. And Sidi loved them! He feels totally warm and comfortable wearing the soft and flexible knitwear and it shows.

Pullover for dachshunds and other dog breeds

All dachshund owners know the problem with finding dog gear that fits properly. Our beloved dachshund´s physique is quite special and ordinary dog´s apparel usually doesn´t fit. So I started knitting pullovers according to Sidi´s exact measures. That´s when our SIDI & THE GANG knitting collection for dachshunds began.

Today we are also very happy to knit for other dog breeds.

The material should be top-quality. Therefore we use 100% virgin wool for our RABAUKEN GANG collection and a mix of virgin wool with cashmere or alpaca for our more luxurious DANDY GANG collection to make it even softer.

All models are being designed in my own studio in Munich and being prototyped for Sidi, before being offered to our customers. My aim was to produce our collection here in Germany to avoid long transportation and ensure the quality met my expectations. Therefore, I searched to find a german woll producer and the knitwear collection is also hand-knitted in Germany according to my ideas.

And who is the person behind SIDI & THE GANG?

My name is Angela Schiewer. I am a professional textile designer and a dedicated dachshund owner. Getting our little Sidi was one of the best decisions of our lives.

I started our SIDI & THE GANG knitting collection after having worked as a freelance textile designer, a lead designer and a member of the management of a leading home textiles company for many years. The knitted collection for the fashionable dachshund.